Saving the Free World in ‘London Has Fallen’

Gerard Butler already saved the president once in "Olympus Has Fallen" and now three years later, he has to do it again. In "London Has Fallen", the danger is overseas. The last time, Gerard Butler was on Deco, he took a swing at Chris Van Vliet. We hope he’s calmed down this time.

There’s more to being an action star than just shooting guns and looking really cool in slow motion. Gerard Butler tells me, it’s all in your head, and the way he gets mentally prepared to film a scene is nothing short of excessive.

All the world leaders in one place is a recipe for a terrorist attack in "London Has Fallen." Gerard Butler is the president’s go-to security guy after he saved his life in the first movie.

Gerard Butler as Mike Banning: "Stay with me. We’ll get you out of here!"

Gerard Butler: "How can you take those characters, how can you put them in an even crazier situation and how can you pay respect to that audience who did love it? So you’ve got a lot to live up to."

That crazier situation involves the president getting kidnapped in London — leaving the vice president, played by Morgan Freeman, in charge back in the United States.

Chris Van Vliet: "Do you ever read a script and go, ‘You know what, this line would sound better in my voice if I said it like this instead?’"

Morgan Freeman: "Yeah, I do that often. Not in those kinds of words, ‘This would sound better in my voice if I do it this way.’"

Chris: "Let’s be honest, everything sounds better in your voice."

Making an action movie isn’t easy, and Gerard Butler breaks down the crazy routine he uses to psych himself up before filming a scene.

Gerard Butler: "I’d come in in the morning at 7 a.m. going, ‘How am I going to get there?’" So like five Red Bulls, pushups, I get my stunt double, I punch him,  I punch him, I throw him against a wall. I put one of his ribs out at one point but he’s going, ‘Just go, just go.’ And then you’re like, ‘I’m ready,’ and you’d do that every single time."

Oh and if you like one-liners, Gerard Butler’s character is the king of them in "London Has Fallen." "What do they make you out of?" "Bourbon and poor choices."

"London Has Fallen" opens in theaters Friday, March 4.