Save with Stories: Hollywood stars narrate children’s books amid halts in production

Hollywood’s biggest stars spend their time reading scripts, looking for that next big breakout role, but with production halted across Tinseltown, some actors are discovering other page-turners: children’s books.

Amy Adams: “Hi, I’m Amy Adams, and thank you for watching ‘Save with Stories.'”

Six-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams is taking on her greatest role yet: reader of children’s books.

Amy Adams (reading): “There once was a beautiful kingdom called Golia, and in this kingdom there lived a princess named Penelope.”

She’s just one of several celebs stepping up to entertain and help kids who are out of school and stranded at home.

Also turning a few pages: super mom Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner: “My book is ‘The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark.'”

And Jen’s stories come complete with voices!

Jennifer Garner (reading): “‘Can I have some of that seaweed so I can build a house?’ ‘Take as much as you can carry.'”

It’s all part of a project called Save with Stories, which raises money and awareness for Save the Children, which gets food and educational supplies to 30 million kids who rely on school for both.

“Frozen” star and SoFlo native Josh Gad is earning serious cred from parents by reading one of his favorite books, “Olivia Goes to Venice.”

Josh Gad (reading): “It was time for spring vacation. Olivia decided her family spend a few days in Venice.”

Wait? Olivia gets a spring break? Clearly that’s a work of fiction this year … but that’s not the point.

Josh Gad (reading): “There was a lot of packing to be done. ‘Olivia, you won’t be needing your snorkel,’ said her mother.”

And Amy’s book is extra special. She wrote it with her daughter, and her husband illustrated it. This is the first time it’s been shared with the public. Nice job, guys.

Jennifer Garner (reading): “The end … or is it just the beginning?”

Save with Stories

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