Saturday Brunch at Eating House

If you ask Lynn, the weekend is not long enough. There is so much fun to be had, and not enough time to do everything. Deco found a spot where they are doubling your chances to fill up, chill out and have fun.

Eat until your heart’s content, South Florida.

That’s because Eating House in Coral Gables has a twist on a weekend tradition.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We wanted to make a restaurant for the people of Miami. A restaurant for the neighborhood, for the city, and it’s cool, and it’s still going strong.”

Since they opened, Eating House’s Sunday brunch has been the talk of the town.

Now you can talk about it twice as much, because they’ve added a Saturday brunch.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “Saturday brunch evolved by our guests wanting it for more than one day. Now we have weekend brunch.”

Vanessa Johannes: “It’s about time an establishment had brunch on a Saturday. I think it’s a trend that has been waiting to happen.”

Cheers to mimosas all weekend long.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “I think what makes brunch popular here is that we provide really unique, flavorful dishes. It isn’t expensive. It’s à la carte. You can spend under $20.”

Saturday brunch means double the eating at Eating House on the weekend.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “Saturday and Sunday brunch have the same menu, except Saturday we have a couple of dishes, like specials. We’ve gotten more of a lunch crowd, people wanting more sandwiches, salads. So we mix it up every weekend.”

For the fans, don’t worry. You can still get Eating House’s famous Cap’n Crunch Pancakes, and their version of French toast, made with Cuban bread and topped with cream cheese and guava.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “We also have Calentado, which is a take on a Colombian dish of just pork, rice and beans, chimichurri and fried eggs. It hits close to home for all the Miamians.”

The weekend is two days long, and now brunch is, too.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: “I think people come here on a Sunday and there’s a big line, and they see it’s hectic, and now they can come on a Saturday and relax and take their time and hang out.”


Eating House Miami
804 Ponce De Leon Blvd.
Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 448-6524

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