Churros are a major part of our diets, not only because of their many reported health benefits, because they taste great, too. Now churros are getting a South Florida makeover.



Even refreshing!

Santo Dulce!, a colorful food truck inside the Wynwood Yard, is taking a classic Latin dessert and shaping it into something new.

Yule Nunez, Santo Dulce!: “Everybody loves churros, and we believe it’s a dessert that represents very well the Latin community.”

Traditional churros typically look something like a stick.

But Santo Dulce has ditched the traditional stick figure for something a little more rounded.

They call it a halo.

Yule Nunez: “We wanted to change the perception of people when they were eating dessert that it’s a sin. That they’re a sinner to go and indulge. This is something different. This is a divine experience, and you should enjoy it.”

Forget the powdered sugar. This food truck tops their tasty treats with something a little more fun.

Yule Nunez: “We use gourmet ingredients such as, you know, coconut, almonds, fresh cheese. Stuff that you’re not used to seeing.”

Wait, did she say cheese?

One of their most popular churros, the Salted Dulce, is inspired by a popular South American treat.

Yule Nunez: “We use a churro covered with dulce de leche and shredded llanero cheese, Venezuelan cheese, and it’s sweet and salty flavors.”

Violeta Lozada, customer: “It’s something very exotic. It’s not very common and, actually, I think it was amazing. It’s one of the best churros I have eaten in the world.”

Just like all their other flavors, you can get this one with or without ice cream.

Yule Nunez: “When you’re eating our dessert, you’re either eating a halo, which is the churro by itself, or you’re eating a santo, which is the sundaes, so the ice cream, per se, is the body of the saint, the santo, and then it has the halo on top.”

Can’t make up your mind on what what to get? Try them all.

The Sinful Six sample includes mini churros with any toppings you want.

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Santo Dulce!
The Wynwood Yard
56 NW 29th St.
Miami, FL 33127

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