Santa Concierge at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Bal Harbour Shops

We’re just 17 days away from Christmas and Chris is very proud to say that he got a 16-day head start on his usual Christmas shopping. He put on his finest Christmas suit and headed to Saks Fifth Avenue where Santa himself delivers presents to you.

We know that Santa Claus comes on Christmas Eve, but at Saks Fifth Avenue at the Bal Harbour Shops, he arrives early.

Dianna Corpus: “Santa At Your Service is a personalized service that we provide to our clients. Everything that we have selling at Saks Fifth Avenue, we can actually deliver to the customer and with that, St. Nick is going to actually deliver the product.”

For the next two Saturdays, Santa will hand deliver the gifts you buy at Saks Fifth Avenue to your home or office!

Chris Van Vliet: “I always thought that Santa was making gifts in his workshop in the North Pole. Not true! He’s here at Saks.”

Dianna Corpus: “He is at Saks. He works with all of our fabulous designers to pick out those amazing gifts.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What is the cost associated with this?”

Dianna Corpus: “It’s complementary.”

Chris Van Vliet: “That’s the best gift right there.”

Dianna Corpus: “Yeah, it is.”

So with a little help from Saks’ personal stylist Kimmy and Saint Nick himself, I did some Christmas shopping for Shireen and Lynn.

Chris Van Vliet: “Now Santa, I know what Shireen and Lynn want, they’ve made a list but I can tell you they want shoes.”

But then I thought shoes might be a little too easy. So we looked at some jewelry, some handbags…

Chris Van Vliet: “It kinda goes, right?”

And along the way, I may have taken a detour.

Chris Van Vliet: “That goes perfectly.”

Or two. Or three

Santa: “Now Chris, remember we are shopping for Shireen and Lynn.”

Chris Van Vliet: “But Santa, I mean come on!”

Santa: “But that would awesome on you! Oh ho ho ho!”

OK, I did get back on track eventually.

Now I’m not the seasoned shopper that Shireen and Lynn are — but I finally found the perfect gifts for them. Santa loaded them up and got ready to bring them here to the Newsplex, and forget a sleigh pulled by reindeer, Santa arrives in style!

Santa: “Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho ho!”

And Santa’s sack was overflowing with presents!

Santa: “One for Chris.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Well OK very nice!”

Santa: “Another one for Chris. And another one for Chris. This one I know is for Chris. One for Shireen. And of course one for Lynn!”

Everyone’s Christmas just got that much merrier!

Santa At Your Service is available the next two Saturdays only at the Bal Harbour Saks Fifth Avenue. Now Shireen, Lynn, you now have your presents. Just promise me you won’t open them until Christmas Day.

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