‘Santa Clarita Diet’ stars tell Deco about 2nd season

Another Netflix show is serving up another seemingly unappetizing dinner: raw human meat. But it’s all for laughs. Deco resident zombie expert Chris Van Vliet met the stars of “Santa Clarita Diet” — in the flesh.

I didn’t get too close, but there actually was a severed hand sitting behind Drew Barrymore during the entire interview. “Santa Clarita Diet” was a breakout hit for Netflix, so I headed up to New York City to chat with the cast of the hit show.

Timothy Olyphant (as Joel Hammond): “Someday, if you have kids and you get a virus and start killing people, you will appreciate how well your mother and I are doing.”

Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are back for Season 2 of “Santa Clarita Diet.”

If you haven’t binged the first season, first of all, you’re missing out.

Secondly, what you need to know is Drew Barrymore’s character is undead and now eats a steady diet of human flesh.

Chris Van Vliet: “What’s different for you guys entering Season 2?”

Timothy Olyphant: “I think the thing that’s different is the familiarity, picking it right up.”

Drew Barrymore: “Our show picks up right where it left off on Season 1, and that’s exactly what we did as a whole little team.”

If you thought Season 1 was good, oh, wait until you see what happens here.

Drew Barrymore: “I will say the ending of this season leaves on a much bigger sort of ‘wow,’ which I really like.”

Drew Barrymore (as Sheila Hammond): “I know you’re worried that I’m going to go out there and kill somebody, but think about all of the people I haven’t killed. Literally everybody in the world except three people.”

This season is a delicate balance of Drew and Timothy killing people and…

Drew Barrymore: “Ultimately we’re also still a family trying to function in normal, everyday suburbia, which I think makes it so much more relatable. And I think the family aspect gives it heart, but it’s also funny and entertaining, and I’m sorry, but that’s what I need right now in my life.”

Drew Barrymore (as Sheila Hammond): “I am so sorry.”

Timothy Olyphant (as Joel Hammond): “No family is perfect.”

Chris Van Vliet: “In the scenes where you are actually eating people, what are you actually eating?”

Drew Barrymore: “Oh, always weird, gross stuff, like fake rubber.”

Timothy Olyphant: “Dried apples.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What about when we see like in a blender? It looks delicious.”

Drew Barrymore: “Well, there’s obviously beets in it to create the color. They actually just make the green drinks that I actually drink every day with beets. That is the one that is actually good.”

Timothy Olyphant: “That’s the one that I should ask for.”

Drew Barrymore:” You should!”

Season 2 of “Santa Clarita Diet” hits Netflix for your bingeing pleasure on March 23.

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