Sam Adams hosts 8th annual Octoberfest in Wynwood

Lynn loves the month of October. It’s the month of Octoberfest — the German beer festival, and it’s the 200th anniversary of the drink-a-thon holiday. To celebrate, an American ale is hosting a party like no other.

Something fun is brewing in Wynwood. It’s the 8th annual Sam Adams Octoberfest.

Javi Zayas: “It’s like bringing Munich to Miami.”

The free event invites families to hop over to Wynwood and party — all weekend long.

All you have to do is pay $8 for your stein full of beer, but it’s well worth it.

Javi Zayas: “We have a lot of the same activities and the same entertainment that goes on in Germany. We just kind of twist it with the Sam Adams twist and make it more Wynwood.”

They have plenty of games for you to choose from.

Javi Zayas: “A ton of beer games. We have beer pong. We have bean tossing.”

And they have a Stein Hoisting competition where you…

Javi Zayas: “Get a large stein filled with beer, so it’s actually a liter of beer, and you hold it out across your body and whoever holds it longest gets the cash and prizes.”

The fun doesn’t end there, though.

Javi Zayas: “We have a Miss Octoberfest competition. We’ve had up to 120 ladies sign up for the Miss Octoberfest contest, which happens daily, and we give $500 in cash and prizes for the best Miss October.”

But, of course, every year the event gets bigger and better.

And year eight has its own unique touch.

Javi Zayas: “We brought in a giant dome, and we made a beer hall, a Sam Adams beer hall. It has 3-D mapping on the ceiling that re-enacts a true Bavarian beer hall.”

And there’s live music until 3 a.m.

You do need your ID to get in here, though, because the hops are hopping.

Javi Zayas: “Obviously everyone here comes for the Octoberfest beer, which is a seasonal beer, which in a few weeks it’s gonna be over, so Sam Adams Octoberfest is the go-to beer. The event is amazing, the beer is great.”


Sam Adams Octoberfest

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