‘Saban’s Power Rangers’ reboots iconic 90s superheroes

It’s morphin’ time! The Power Rangers aren’t just back on the big screen — they’re back in South Florida! Deco dished with the stars about fighting crime and living out their childhood fantasies.

They’re back! The Power Rangers are at it again in “Saban’s Power Rangers.” The group of five ordinary teens become something extraordinary in order to save their small town from aliens.

Becky G (as Trini Kwan): “Me and four other kids found a spaceship buried underground.”

Becky G plays Trini, The Yellow Ranger.

Becky G (as Trini Kwan): “I’m pretty sure I’m a superhero.”

And RJ Cyler plays Billy, aka the man in blue.

RJ Cyler (as Billy Cranston): “Are we more like Iron Man or Spider-Man?”

They told Deco each of their characters has a message.

RJ Cyler: “There’s nothing that you can’t do. The outer appearance, it doesn’t matter. If you believe it in here, it’s just…”

Becky G: “Anything is possible.”

RJ Cyler: “Yeah.”

Becky G: “That’s a message that I think, actually, all the characters carry, is that there is no exterior as to how powerful you can be from within. Anybody can be a Power Ranger.”

Now, there’s no question it took a lot of training to be able to save the world.

Becky G: “We trained two months before we filmed, then when we started preproduction and during filming, so it was like a solid six months of training.”

RJ Cyler: “My favorite part of the day was having to go to the gym, ’cause they built this whole workout compound for us to train in.”

But both of Becky G and RJ say they’re reliving their childhood dreams by getting to star in “Power Rangers.”

Becky G: “My favorite color was yellow growing up. Once I got older, the yellow Power Ranger was the one I wanted to be.”

RJ Cyler: “I’m so excited [plays air guitar].”

“Saban’s Power Rangers” assembles into theaters March 24.

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