Ryan Reynolds is just trying to find his place in this crazy, mixed-up world.

Join the club, pal.

Only thing is, in the new movie “Free Guy,” his world is a video game, a game that’s getting taken offline. Sounds like they could use a hero whose name rhymes with Shmyan Shmeynolds.

Reality check!

Jodie Comer (as Molotov Girl): “Put these on.”

Ryan Reynolds: “OK, fine, I — Oh, my God!”

What a world!

And in “Free Guy,” Ryan Reynolds is learning his is a video game, and he’s just a background character.

Jodie Cromer (as Molotov Girl): “You’re not real.”

Girl gamer: “Fleece that mother!”

But when the game, Guy’s entire universe, is about to get unplugged, he decides it’s his turn to be the hero.

Ryan Reynolds: “I’m not gonna be the good guy. I’m gonna be the great guy!”

Ryan tells Deco this is more than a big, fun summer blockbuster because movie fans need it to be.

Ryan Reynolds: “You have to hit them in really unexpected ways, particularly if you’re not based on a comic book, if you’re not a sequel, you have to kind of go the extra mile.”

Ryan Reynolds (as Guy): “He’s just resting.”

Security Guard: “In pieces! That man is dead!”

Ryan Reynolds (as Guy): “He’s so sleepy.”

Ryan Reynolds: “It can be funny and it can be a ton of action, inventiveness on the screen, but you’ve gotta ground it in something real and something that hits home.”

Ryan’s co-star, Jodie comer, agrees. This is surprisingly deep stuff, people.

Jodie Comer: “What you see isn’t what you get, right? It’s really grounded by exploring the human experience and human connection.”

The Emmy-winning “Killing Eve” star plays two roles in the movie, a game developer and her avatar, Molotov Girl, who Guy falls hard for.

Joe Keery (as Keys): “Wait, you let who kiss you?”

Jodie Comer (as Millie): “Guy!”

Joe Keery (as Keys): “There’s not a button for that.”

Jodie Comer (as Millie): “Oh, he found the button.”

Jodie’s admittedly not a gamer, but if she could exist in any video game world, she told Deco she’d go with an OG.

Jodie Comer: “Mario Kart is something that has always been very present in my life. I’m not a terrible driver, but I’m not a confident driver. So I’d just happily drive around, have a look at the place.”

Ryan also went old school with his choice.

Ryan Reynolds: “I played Double Dragon all the time when I was a kid, so I would love — just for the nostalgia purposes — I would probably go back and jump into that game.

Jodie Comer (as Molotov Girl): “Is that a Glock in your pocket?”

Ryan Reynolds (as Guy): “No…”

Jodie Comer (as Molotov Girl): “What?!”

Ryan Reynolds: “It’s two Glocks!”

Hey, wait just one second. How do we know we aren’t actually living in a video game?!

Ryan Reynolds: “I’ve never once in my life told you that we’re not in a simulation. I don’t know! What do you think?”

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