Russell Crowe discusses road rage thriller ‘Unhinged’

When road rage follows you home, trouble is sure to follow. Well, trouble or a thriller starring Russell Crowe. He’s telling Deco about his new movie, “Unhinged.”

Russell Crowe (as The Man): “Well, that’s where we are in this world today. We seemed to have developed a fundamental inability to apologize to anyone for anything.”

Russell Crowe plays a dangerously deranged man, triggered by a road rage incident in the thriller “Unhinged.”

It kind of sounds like something inspired by a drive on I-95!

Russell Crowe: “With this movie, with all the tension that’s on screen, the actual set energy was really chilled and really just purposeful, and so it’s funny how that can happen sometimes, you know.”

Russell Crowe (as The Man): “I don’t even think you know what a bad day is, but you’re going to find out.”

Russell Crowe: “When you’re playing a character so devoid of humanity, where you cannot access the things you would normally access in your job, it does make it more difficult. His detachment, his failure in certain areas have drained him of that humanity that we all rely on when communicating with people and stuff, and so, yeah, it was a tricky character from that point of view.”

Caren Pistorious, who plays the target of the unhinged man, also found the production challenging.

Caren Pistorious: “We were filming just before the hurricane season, so you probably know it gets just crazy sweltering hot. We were stuck in this little old vintage Volvo, and so then, you know, that mixed with the climate, mixed with the sort of heavy breathing day in and day out, was really intense.”

Caren Pistorious (as Rachel Hunter): “What do you want?”

Russell Crowe (as The Man): “I need you to learn what a bad day really is.”

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