Rupert Grint tells Deco about new season of ‘Snatch’

“Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint is back for a new season of his TV show. “Snatch” dropped Thursday on Sony Crackle, and Rupert told us this season is funnier, sunnier and tanner.

Man: “You are Raul?”

Rupert Grint (as Charlie Cavendish): “Si. I am Raul.”

Actually, it’s Rupert Grint in season two of “Snatch.” He’s back as British bad boy Charlie.

Luke Pasqualino (as Albert Hill): “Gentlemen, today I would like to present you with a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity.”

Rupert and co-star Luke Pasqualino are taking the show out of dreary old London to sunny Spain.

And on Thursday, they told Deco they’re fine with a change of scenery.

Luke Pasqualino: “Living in England, it’s nice sort of to work somewhere where you do get a nicer climate. Before you even wake up, you know it’s gonna be a good day.”

The show is loosely based on “Snatch,” the movie from back in the day with Brad Pitt and Benicio del Toro.

But in the TV series, we get even more scams, heists and hijinks.

Luke Pasqualino: “All three on different levels. Ultimately, it’s multiple little scams to pull off one big heist, isn’t it really?”

The boys told us they felt Spain was the perfect place for a couple of smooth-talking cons on the prowl to blend in.

Rupert Grint: “It is the sort of place where bank robbers go.”

I’m sure Spain will put that in their travel brochures!

Luke Pasqualino (as Albert Hill): “Charlie, she jumped ship before we even got to Spain.”

Of course, there’s no honor among thieves, and that includes matters of the heart. Charlie got his heart stolen and then broken.

Rupert Grint: “We assume she just kind of left him kinda halfway to Spain. Took her share of the money and left Charlie quite brokenhearted.”

So to get you up to speed: A couple of British cons are on the Lam in Spain, tackling local crime bosses and battling broken hearts.

Luke Pasqualino (as Albert Hill): “Accept it. You were unceremoniously dumped.”

And working on a new scam.

Rupert Grint (as Charlie Cavendish): “Ice to Eskimos, Al.”

Luke Pasqualino (as Albert Hill): “Ice to Eskimos, Al.”

And oh, yeah, Rupert’s got a bit more complexion compared to his “Harry Potter” days.

Rupert Grint: “Well spotted, I had a fake tan.”

Turns out, that’s kind of a necessity if you’re working in Spain.

Rupert Grint: “Because I’m ginger, and my skin is pretty much transparent, they had to bronze me up.”

Luke Pasqualino (as Albert Hill): “What I ask of you is to open your imaginations, cast your minds to the future.”

Season 2 of “Snatch” is now streaming on Sony Crackle.

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