Move over Milan and New York, Miami is also fashion hot spot. Deco parked up close and personal for a fashion show like no other.

Fashion was the passion last night at the Drive-in Adaptive Fashion Show sponsored by the Runway of Dreams Foundation.

The Carpool Cinema in Wynwood was the place to be.

From their cars, guests watched models strut their stuff in clothing that was made to promote inclusion and acceptance.

Mindy Scheier, show organizer: “Adaptive clothing by definition is clothing that is designed for people with disabilities. Those that struggle with dressing themselves.”

The host of the show was former boy bander, NSYNC’s own Joey Fatone.

Joey Fatone, host: “I love to do anything and everything I can, so for me, donating my time and coming out here and hosting is obviously one of the least things I can do but bring awareness.”

Brands like Kohl’s, Stride Right, Zappos and Tommy Hilfiger designed everything from shirts to shoes to shorts for people with disabilities, like model and army veteran Brandi Benson.

Brandi Benson, model: “I feel like clothes is a way to communicate with people about how they are feeling, what they are wearing and their mood.”

It was a Fatone family affair because Joey’s daughter, Kloey, was one of the models, too.

Kloey Fatone: “I think it’s a fun thing to do with my dad. If there are other kids that are being inspired to do this, follow your heart and dreams.”

Joey was the host with the most, but we had to ask about a past job — you know, with that group NSYNC.

Any chance he’s saying hello to music again?

Joey Fatone: “Never say never.”

Before any talk of a reunion, Joey may want to show his family some old music videos.

Joey and kloey Joey Fatone: “Do you even know who NSYNC is?”

Kloey Fatone: “Yeah, it’s a boy band.”

Joey Fatone: “Do you know who was in it?”

Kloey Fatone: “You.”

Joey Fatone: “Who else?”

Kloey Fatone: “Lance.”

Joey Fatone: “That’s one of them. Who else? That other guy who does a lot of music. Last name rhymes with ‘simpertake.’

Kloey Fatone: “Justin Timberlake.”

You can catch the entire fashion show on Runway’s YouTube channel on Thursday at 8 p.m.

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