‘In the Heights’ isn’t the only movie hopping into theaters this week. Peter Rabbit is bouncing back to the big screen. Deco’s getting in touch with our wild side, which is our only side on Friday nights, and talking animal instincts with the cast.

Female Rabbit: “Are you Peter?”

James Corden (as Peter Rabbit, voice): “That depends who’s asking.” glass breaks

Domhnall Gleeson (as Mr. Thomas McGregor): “Peter!”

Oh, hoppy days!

Peter Rabbit is back for another adventure in “Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway.”

James Corden (as Peter Rabbit, voice): “Did you miss me?”

Rabbits: “Uh-uh.”

Of course we missed you, Peter.

James Corden is back as the voice of the adorable but mischievous rabbit who has developed a bad rep.

James Corden: “They just keep telling him, ‘You’re bad, you’re naughty. That’s what you are, that’s who you are,’ and at some point he goes, ‘Well, OK. That’s what I am.'”

Peter’s spiraling leads to complete chaos, and it’s up to his human parents, played by Rose Byrne and Domhnall Gleeson, to fix it.

But don’t worry. They had a blast doing it.

Rose Byrne: “Wanted to see us do the silliest, funnest things. I got to do a lot of stunts, which was really fun. We both did.”

Domhnall Gleeson: “You haven’t lived until Rose has been booting it down in, what was it, an Aston Martin? It was insane. I’ve never been so exhilarated and scared for my life.”

Sure, this movie focuses a lot of the rabbits, but funnily enough, none of the cast picked a bunny as the animal they’d most wanna be.

Elizabeth Debicki and David Oyelowo went with attributes.

Elizabeth Debicki: “If I could be an animal, then I would want to be a bird, but that’s just ’cause I’m obsessed with the idea of being able to fly.”

David Oyelowo: “I just like sheer power. Like, I wanna be a gorilla. I want to be able to hit things really hard and be king of the jungle.”

Rose and Domhnall found common ground.

Domhnall Gleeson: “The gibbon and the border collie.”

Rose Byrne: “I love border collies, too! Funny we’ve never talked about that. I had a border collie growing up, and I am still drawn to them.”

And, as for Peter Rabbit himself…

James Corden: “Well, I really love penguins. I also love that wherever they are, whatever they’re doing, they can create a water slide, ’cause even on flat ground, on your belly, you’re straight into the water.”

We also asked James what three celebrity guests he thought Peter would try to book if he had his own talk show.

James Corden: “It’s probably The Rock, Kevin Hart and Meryl Streep. I think, if he calls them, they’d say yes straight away. If I called them, they’d say no.”

James Corden (as Peter Rabbit, voice): “This is crazy!”

“Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway” is now playing in theaters.

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