Ruby Rose, Morgan Freeman make killer pair in new thriller ‘Vanquish’

What would you do for your child? That may depend on how annoying they might be. Ruby Rose is going all out for her kid, even if it means getting her hands dirty. She and Morgan Freeman make a killer pair in the thriller “Vanquish.”

Ruby Rose (as Victoria): “I would do anything for you, regardless. Just name it.”

Famous last words.

Morgan Freeman and Ruby Rose star in “Vanquish.” He’s a shady retired police commissioner. She’s his caregiver with, well, let’s just say a violent past.

Morgan Freeman (as Damon): “I need you tonight using some of your old skills. Five stops, five pickups.”

When Morgan gets in a jam, he ropes Ruby into doing his dangerous dirty work … by kidnapping her daughter.

Morgan Freeman (as Damon): “If you kill me, you’ll never be able to find her.”

Ruby Rose: “This character, it’s all conflict. She doesn’t want to be doing this. It’s regrettable, and it’s hurting her, but of course, she’s forced to do this in order to get her daughter back.”

Ruby told Deco it’s her character’s Mama Bear instincts that she was really drawn to.

Ruby Rose: “This is a single mom who would do anything for her daughter. I immediately thought of my mom, and all the moms that know and you see with this superhuman strength.”

Speaking of strength, the Australian actress is kicking some serious butt in this movie.

Character in “Vanquish”: “Who is she?”

Morgan Freeman (as Damon): “You know who she is. Just stay out of her way.”

That’s not something new for the former “Batwoman” and “John Wick” star, and her experience really paid off in “Vanquish.”

Ruby Rose: “It was easier to use some of the skills that I’d already accumulated through the ‘John Wicks’ and other sorts of things like that, and also, I do a lot of work, martial arts, and then I have my boxing experience.”

Do not mess with Ruby Rose, not in “Vanquish” or real life.

“Vanquish” opens in select theaters this weekend. It’ll be On Demand and digital next Tuesday.

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