Royal Castle burger joint opens pop-up at Union Beer Store in Little Havana

There is royal fun going on in Little Havana. A pop-up with deep Miami roots is serving great food, at a place that serves great beers.

Beer and burgers go hand in hand, so Union Beer Store in Little Havana and Royal Castle in North Miami are teaming up for a hump day pop-up.

David Rodriguez, owner, Union Craft Beer: “Royal Castle is here every Wednesday. Yeah every Wednesday from 7 till midnight.”

James Brimberry, owner, Royal Castle: “We are coming to Union Beer and selling our Castle Burgers and our Feast Burger.”

Sure, Union has brews, but when it comes to food…

David Rodriguez: “When we opened up, we had a kitchen and attempted to do something on our own, but we weren’t very good at that, so we decided to bring people that know what they are doing in here and cook up some really good food.”

Years ago, Royal Castle had more than a hundred locations in the Southeast. Now there’s only one, in Northwest Miami.

David Rodriguez: “One and a half if you count the pop-up.”

James Brimberry: “Royal Castle is a Miami staple. We’ve been in Miami since the 1930s, and we’re here to stay.”

The Castle Burgers are the size of sliders but big in flavor.

James Brimberry: “A Castle Burger is a 1, 1.5-oz. patty, all beef, with onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard on it and a small bun.”

The buns are specially ordered for them — and the meat is fresh, never frozen.

James Brimberry: “Put them on the griddle with a little sautéed onions. What makes Castle Burgers so special, honestly, are the onions.”

You can get six Castle Burgers with cheese or without — and if you think size matters, go for the Double Feast Burger.

James Brimberry: “We are selling our Feast Burger, which is a larger burger, and it comes with onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo on a larger sesame seed bun.”

The burgers are served with fries and cost between $9 and $13.

Ruy Rodriguez, diner: “I have never tried Royal Castle before, so it’s great to have them at a place that I go to already. A really good combination and collaboration.”

Royal Castle pop-up
Union Beer Store
1547 SW 8th St.
Miami, FL 33135

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