Rotten Tomatoes editor predicts big night for ‘1917,’ ‘Joker’s’ Phoenix at 92nd Oscars

It’s always nice to see celebrities get a chance to pat themselves on the back. After all, they really need a moment to be showered with praise. Come Oscar night on Sunday, it’s anyone’s guess which nominees will become winners, but Deco’s getting the scoop from an industry insider.

Eleven Oscar nominations is nothing to laugh at, “Joker.”

Joaquin Phoenix (as Arthur Fleck): “Well, no one’s laughing now.”

Robert De Niro (as Murray Franklin): “You can say that again, pal.”

The unsettling comic book movie leads the pack going into the 92nd Academy Awards, but that doesn’t mean it’s got a real shot at winning Best Picture. So says Jacqueline Coley of Rotten Tomatoes.

Jacqueline Coley, Rotten Tomatoes: “Every year, we’re up for surprises. I don’t think anybody was necessarily betting on ‘Moonlight’ toppling ‘La La Land,’ or ‘Spotlight’ toppling ‘The Revenant,’ but I think ‘Joker’ coming out on top in this year’s crop of best pictures would be very surprising.”

That’s because Sam Mendes’ “1917” has been the clear front-runner this award season.

Jacqueline Coley: “But he’s got competition with films like ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,’ 85% Certified Fresh on our Tomatometer, and of course, the South Korean sociopolitical thriller ‘Parasite.'”

So, while “Joker” may not win the top prize, the Joker himself, Joaquin Phoenix, seems like a shoo-in for Best Actor.

Actually, all of the acting categories seem like locks.

Jacqueline Coley: “Laura Dern, Brad Pitt, Renée Zellweger and Joaquin Phoenix all won the BAFTA, the SAG, the Golden Globes, the Critics’ Choice, and they’re expected to the win the Oscars on Sunday.”

Meantime, the Academy is going hostless again this year, but Jacqueline doesn’t think it’s going to be a long-term thing.

Jacqueline Coley: “I think the Oscars will have a host again, but when they do, it’s going to have to be a name that, when people hear it, they’re going to be like, ‘Yes, I want to hear what this comedian or this performer can do.'”

Al Pacino (as Jimmy Hoffa): “Do you wanna be a part of this, Frank? Would you like to be a part of this history?”

You might have noticed we haven’t mentioned Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” yet. There’s a reason for that, and Scorsese fans aren’t gonna like it.

Jacqueline Coley: “Critics and prognosticators have been betting that Scorsese might even come up empty on Oscar night, despite 10 nominations.”

Of course, nothing is certain until Sunday night, except for one thing.

Jacqueline Coley: “Deco Drive is always Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.”

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