Ahhh, young love, such a precious thing — until you grow up and realize romance is dead.

But hey, at least it still exists in movies!

“Finding You” is a new romantic drama based on a best-selling novel. But movies are so much easier than reading.
Reading is hard.

Rose Reid (as Finley): “Please let me get in.”

Judge: “Your technical execution is brilliant, but there’s no passion in your playing.”

Rose Reid (as Finley): “So much for prayers.”

Music brings Rose Reid and Jedidiah Goodacre together in “Finding You” when Rose heads to Ireland to up her violin skills.

Rose Reid (as Finley): “Beckett Rush?”

Jedidiah Goodacre (as Beckett): “Shhh! I’ve gotten this far without being bothered, all right?”

On the way there, girl meets boy on a plane.

Jedidiah Goodacre (as Beckett): “DRAGON!”

Boy is a movie star.

Judith Hoag (as Jennifer): “Would you mind taking this to the gentlemen in the corner?”

Rose Reid (as Finley): “You?”

Jedidiah Goodacre: “Are you stalking me?”

And you know the rest, they spend the movie falling in love.

Jedidiah Goodacre (as Beckett): “But we don’t even like each other.”

Rose Reid (as Finley): “We’re just too different.”

Rose Reid (as Finley): “Definitely keep this from my parents.”

Father: “It’s rather obvious.”

Judith Hoag (as Jennifer): “What planet do you think I live on?”

The young stars enjoyed being on set together and keeping each other on their toes…

Jedidiah Goodacre: “When the camera’s not on me, my goal is to make you laugh, make you slip up, add a little something in there that, that just whatever surprises you or something like that.”

Rose Reid: “He was just really improvising and throwing something out there to shock me and it always did, every time.”

…and the film’s ensemble.

Rose Reid: “Saoirse-Monica Jackson, you got Tom Everett Scott and then you have, of course, the legends like Patrick Bergin and Vanessa Redgrave, and so that was very intimidating. It was very humbling to watch them and be able to take advice from them.”

Patrick Bergin (as Seamus): “Life rarely works out the way we plan it. You’ve got to learn to play the sorrow, as well as the joy. You can’t have one without the other.”

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