She’s ruthless, ingenious and conniving to her core. Not just you, Shireen.

We’re referring to Rosamund Pike in “I Care A Lot.”

She’s a total lioness in the new Netflix dark comedy.

Yay, morally bankrupt girl power!!!

Deco dished with Rosamund about the movie she cares a lot about.

Rosamund Pike (as Marla Grayson): “You have to come with me. And remember, I’m here to help.”

Do NOT let Marla Grayson care for your loved ones.

Chris Messina (as Dean Ericson): “Look at all these cash cows on your wall just leaking money into your account!”

In “I Care A Lot”, Rosamund Pike is Marla, a sly legal guardian who takes advantage of the elderly. And even though she’s doing shady things, she’s actually devilishly delightful to watch.

Rosamund Pike: “I thought about that a lot. I thought, ‘How far can I push this and still make her fun to watch?’ That was very important to me. Her hustle’s good. It’s smart. She’s not actually breaking the law. The system is set up for her to win. You’re kind of marveling at the ingenuity of her plan even while you’re appalled by it.”

Marla’s technically not the bad guy here, the system kinda is.

Rosamund’s co-star, Eiza Gonzalez, really hammered home that point to Deco.

Eiza Gonzalez: “I think this movie underlines the complexities of the American Dream. What wouldn’t we be willing to do for whatever we want?”

Rosamund Pike: “If you didn’t root for Marla, who else would you root for?”

Fair enough. Marla’s business is booming — until she messes with the wrong victim.

Folks, try to avoid upsetting a violent gangster.

Peter Dinklage (as Roman Lunyov): “I don’t like you.”

Rosamund Pike (as Marla Grayson): “You only just met me.”

He’s played by Peter Dinklage, and he makes life very painful for Marla.

Their epic battle leads us to an instant classic on-camera scream from Rosamund.

Rosamund Pike (as Marla Grayson): “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Huhhhhhh!”

No wonder she’s nominated for a Golden Globe!

Rosamund Pike: “It’s the combination of ‘[expletive] ya, I’m still here!’ and also ‘[expletive] you that you did this to me!'”

Rosamund Pike (as Marla Grayson): “I’m never letting you go.”

Dianne Wiest (as Jennifer Peterson): “Oooooooooh, you’re in trouble now!”

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