Rocco’s Tacos celebrates Cinco de May

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It’s actually a celebration of Mexico’s victory over the French in 1862 and, according to several Deco historians, it’s a day to drink mucho tequilas.

It’s fiesta time — Mexican style!

Rocco Mangel, Rocco’s Tacos: "Rocco’s Tacos is the largest tequila bar on the East Coast, and we’re an authentic Mexican restaurant, and we are having a Cinco de Mayo party at all the restaurants at 12 o’clock, going into the wee hours of the morning."

Sure, they’ll celebrate at all the locations, but the Rocco’s Tacos in Las Olas is going all out.

Rocco Mangel: "In Fort Lauderdale specifically, we’re having a block party. We’re closing off the parking lot, and we’re having Suénalo, live music, and we’ll have DJs playing intermission for them, so there will be music all day."

You know it’s a party if Miami’s favorite band, Suénalo, is involved.

And where there’s music, there’s alcohol. In this case, tequila, baby.

Rocco Mangel: "We have 185 different types of tequila."

Get yourself some cocktails, like a Black Diamond margarita with black cherry purée.

For straight up tequila, count on the big boss himself.

Rocco Mangel: "I get on the bar, I put on some white Pee-wee Herman shoes and to the ‘Tequila’ song by The Champs. I pour as much tequila people can drink, as long as they drink it out of the bottle."

Pee-wee Herman has nothing on this guy.

Hungry for more? Don’t forget to get some authentic Mexican food.

Rocco Mangel: "We’ve got mocahates, burritos. Of course, we have tacos, we have empanadas, we have tamales."

Our fave: their version of fajitas with chicken, shrimp, steak and chorizo, served in a traditional lava rock bowl.

You can’t wait for May 5th, can you? Rocco can’t, either.

Rocco Mangel: "I know how to throw a party, and from what I hear, our parties are the best, not only Cinco de Mayo parties, but Rocco’s Tacos is known to throw some pretty outrageous, great, safe, fun parties."


Rocco’s Tacos