There’s nothing we’d rather do than take a trip somewhere. But, alas, 2021…

We have been stuck here for a whole year, but at least during our quarantine we’re not getting mauled by grizzly bears like Robin Wright is in the new wild drama, “Land.”

Ever want to just get away?

Therapist: “What are you feeling?”

Robin Wright (as Edee): “That it’s really difficult to be around people.”

Robin Wright stars in and directs the new wilderness drama “Land,” about a grieving lawyer who leaves it all in Chicago for a new life, off the grid, in the Wyoming Rockies.

Demian Bichir (as Miguel): “I will teach you how to travel, how to fall, to hunt, and then you won’t see me anymore.”

But when Robin’s character, Edee, meets a hunter named Miguel, she begins to relearn the importance of connection over isolation.

No Zoom calls here, folks!

Robin Wright: “What a perfect movie to make because it is about resilience, and it is about human kindness.”

Robin had already directed 10 episodes of “House of Cards.”

Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood): “I’m not going to be told what to do anymore. Not by you or any man.”

But this is her first time directing a feature film!

Robin Wright: “This was a whole other beast. We were actually living the movie we were shooting. We built a cabin at the top of a mountain 8,000 feet up in Alberta, Canada.”

Yeah, we’re not talking about some sound stage in L.A. Let’s let co-star Demian Bichir paint this vivid picture for you.

Demian Bichir: “Oh, Lord. She’s right there under this weather. She hasn’t complained about anything. She’s half-naked. She’s all soaking wet, and she’s saying let’s go and let’s do it.”

With those kinds of conditions, it’s a good thing they hit it off.

Demian Bichir: “She’s like my lost sister from another mother, you know? And we just reunited now, and it was an instant connection. And, we didn’t have to talk much.”

The movie relies much more on body language than dialogue, and that’s something Robin says she prefers.

Robin Wright: “I find that to be less challenging than… memorizing my lines. If you want to know the truth of it.”

And as far as her camping skills at the moment…

Robin Wright: “Much better than before we shot the movie. I wouldn’t have been able to build a fire, chop wood properly.”

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