Through thick and thin, singer Robin Thicke says his music is what gets him through the difficult times. In fact, he used those high and lows to write a few new tunes, and his fans got a preview at an intimate concert right here in SoFlo.

Fan: “I’m really pumped. I’m really excited.”

Robin Thicke rocked the stage recently at Sole Miami in Sunny Isles.

He performed as part of the Noble Presents Summer Music Series.

Matt Trahan, Noble: “We do these experiences and things at our hotels. We try to set ourselves apart with the programming and entertainment.”

Robin had a blast and loved being in the MIA.

Robin Thicke: “It’s always such a joy to be in Miami. The people, the culture, the food, the beaches — I love it here.”

When he’s not hitting the high notes, he spends his time working on a new album.

Robin Thicke: “Every time I think I’m finished with it, I still think it needs a little bit more, so I’m working hard on it.”

And he just released the new single, “That’s What Love Can Do.”

Robin Thicke: “We all go through a lot of ups and downs in our life, and the things that get us through those tough times is love.”

Robin’s also back as a judge on the Masked Singer 2 and says he wishes a certain person would appear on the show.

Robin Thicke: “I’d love to see Will Smith or somebody like that. You know somebody you might not be able to tell their singing voice but is a great entertainer.”

Will his wish come true? Who knows.

But while he waits, the singer says he’ll just continue making sweet, soulful music.

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