(WSVN) - Hollywood loves itself some Robin Hood. The classic character and story is getting revamped for approximately the 258th time. Deco’s man in tights, Chris Van Vliet is here with the details.

Well, to be fair, it’s only the 257th time they’re rebooting it, but who’s counting? This time around, they’re putting a modern spin on the story we all know. I braved the cold and went to the Big Apple to sit down with the cast of “Robin Hood.”

Taron Egerton (as Robin of Loxley): “This is the story of a thief.”

Jamie Foxx (as Little John): “You wanted to steal, and now is your time.”

The classic story of Robin Hood has been rebooted, this time with Taron Egerton as the man who steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

Jamie Foxx plays his mentor and partner in crime.

Taron Egerton: “Deco.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Deco Drive. That’s right.”

Jamie Foxx: “Miami, 305, baby.”

Chris Van Vliet: “There it is.”

Jamie Foxx (makes beat with his mouth)

Now that we got that out of the way, the guys tell us that, yes, this is Robin Hood — but there’s a twist.

Jamie Foxx: “It’s set back at that time, but it’s not really of that time, you know what I mean?”

Robin Hood’s weapon of choice hasn’t changed. It’s still the trusty bow and arrow, which I got a crash course in during a Keeping Up with Chris segment a few weeks ago.

Although I definitely can’t do anything like this.

Taron Egerton (as Robin of Loxley): (fires bow and arrow) “What else you got?”

Ben Mendelsohn plays the Sheriff of Nottingham, better known as the guy who Robin Hood is stealing from.

Ben Mendelsohn (as Sheriff of Nottingham): “I’m the law and order here.”

Chris Van Vliet: “You are so good at being bad. What is the key to being a great villain?”

Ben Mendelsohn: “Do it for the money. You know what I mean, right?”

Chris Van Vliet: “And what a villainous answer.”

Ben Mendelsohn: “If you purely do it for the money, in terms of your own motivation and the villain’s motivation, you’re laughing.”

Jamie Foxx (as Little John): “I’ve never seen anything like you. You stare death in the face. That’s why I chose you.”

Chris Van Vliet: “If we were to put you guys in the era of Robin Hood, what modern conveniences do you guys think you would miss the most?”

Taron Egerton: “Oh, that’s fun. What would I miss? I recently discovered Crème de la Mer.”

Jamie Foxx: “What is that?”

Taron Egerton: “It’s a moisturizer.”

Chris Van Vliet: “It’s a face cream.”

Taron Egerton: “And it has changed my life.”

That’s not the answer we expected. Then again, neither is this.

Jamie Foxx: “Ah, well, I was going to say strip clubs, but they had strip clubs back then.”

He paused for a second, then gave us this.

Jamie Foxx: “I’d miss Amazon Prime. Yeah, ’cause the holidays are coming up.”

Taron Egerton: “That’s a good question, though. I enjoyed that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh, yeah, me too. Thank you.”

Jamie Foxx: “Now, I’m going to get me some of that Crème de la Crème and put it on my face.”

“Robin Hood” dashes into theaters on Wednesday.

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