Robert Englund, the OG Freddy Krueger, hosts Travel Channel’s ‘True Terror’

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you. Freddy Krueger is back — in his real-life form, as the quite lovely Robert Englund. He has a spooky new show, airing Wednesday nights on Travel Channel, called “True Terror.” Robert dished with Deco about how truth can be stranger than fiction.

“True Terror” digs through America’s past to reenact supposedly true horror stories — stories that were reported on at the time and live on to this day.

Robert Englund: “We were a little more naive, more superstitious. Science wasn’t advanced, so we bought into some of these stories. That’s why they found their way to newspapers all over America, which kind of gives it a strange validity.”

Robert Englund (as himself): “Join me on a journey into the dark shadows of our nation’s history.”

The show has a very campy, throwback feel to it. Think of the popular ’80s show “Unsolved Mysteries,” with Freddy Krueger in the Robert Stack role.

Robert Stack (as himself): “So, join me. You may able to help solve a mystery.”

Robert Englund: “It’s me. It’s Robert Englund, but it’s kind of a Robert Englund persona. I do love the dark and the offbeat and the strange, so it’s a valid extension of my own persona.”

We gotta say, how great is Robert? The horror legend is 72, and sitting tight at home in California because of the coronavirus, but he still took the time to talk to Deco.

Robert Englund: “I got my wife next to me and my dog and my peanut butter and jelly and my crackers.”

And now, with this series, he’s giving us a welcome distraction.

Robert Englund: “It’s dark, and it can be a little nasty, but something like ‘True Terror’ has that kind of formula and comfort food feel to it.”

It also sounds like something that’s right up Freddy Krueger’s alley.

Robert Englund: “I definitely think Freddy’s tuning in. Yeah, it’s his kind of red meat!”

True Terror with Robert Englund

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