Rob Lowe hosts ‘Mental Samurai,’ a new high-velocity quiz show

What do you get when you combine a carnival ride with a pop quiz? A new game show! It’s hosted by one of TV’s sexiest men! Rob Lowe is telling Deco all about his new show, “Mental Samurai.”

It’s a game show that will leave you — and the contestants — spinning.

Rob Lowe is putting people through a mental obstacle course as host of “Mental Samurai.”

Rob Lowe: “You just don’t know how a person is going to react when they’re facing the time pressure, the physical pressure and the mental pressure.”

Answering questions from an array of categories like memory, puzzles and putting stuff in order, Lowe says the high-velocity quiz show will stump even the smartest person.

Rob Lowe: “We’ve had astronauts, librarians, stay-at-home moms, champion snowboarders, MIT graduates, and you never know who’s going to have that special quality to get through the course, and it’s just been inspiring and fun to watch.”

It’s all while being spun around at high speeds.

Contestants must answer 12 questions accurately within five minutes to move on to the “Circle of Samurai,” where they can compete for $100,000!

Rob Lowe: “Some of our best players don’t look the part at all, and then others who come in, and you go, ‘Oh they’re going to kill it,’ are literally out at one question. I mean, this is the game that everybody can play, but very few people can win.”

“Mental Samurai” premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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