Roasting Buddies

Coffee is good — and good for you. Although, how fresh are the coffee beans used at your favorite coffee shop? Odds are you’ll never know, unless you get your cup of joe at a new spot in Pembroke Pines.

The best part of waking up is the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Mariano Stupenengo: "All the people that come here, because we are new, they come from the smell of the coffee."

At Roasting Buddies in Pembroke Pines …

Mariano Stupenengo: "Every day we wake up very early. We roast small batches of coffee."

So, you’re drinking coffee that was roasted the same day — now that’s fresh. It all starts with green seeds from the coffee plant.

Mariano Stupenengo: "At this moment it’s a seed, it’s not coffee. As soon as the beans start cracking, you can call it coffee."

Hear that cracking? That’s how it turns into real coffee, intoxicating aroma included. Now, it’s ready to turn into a good looking cappuccino, or a really strong cup of joe.

Mariano Stupenengo: "We have a tower to cold-brew coffee, so this means that in that cold brew you get more sweetness, double the caffeine and less acidity."

Creamy Espressos are a popular choice …

Keith Lorren: "The reason I come here is — you see that foam on top? That comes from quality beans… that’s real coffee."

Here’s an aeropress created by an airplane designer.

Mariano Stupenengo: "Aeropress is a method between espresso machine and hand brew."

And if you prefer a show …

Mariano Stupenengo: "My favorite is the Cyphon because it’s a unique method to brew coffee." 

Boiling water comes up, then they add coffee and when the temperature is just right …

Mariano Stupenengo: "The pressure of the water comes down and filters the coffee, and you get the more exciting unique cup of coffee."

And you can do more than just taste their java. The buddies make their own scrubs, too — from fresh coffee.

Mariano Stupenengo: "When you brew organic coffee, the coffee beans that are already used still have the caffeine, so that caffeine acts in your skin."

Cellulite be gone! At least it could be with the optimal amount of caffeine.

Mariano Stupenengo: "For these kind of scrubs, the shelf life is one month, not more than that, because the caffeine starts losing all the qualities." 

That applies to your cup of joe, too.

Mariano Stupenengo: "People don’t know that the shelf life of the beans are two months. If you grind it, probably two-three days."

I feel more awake already.


Roasting Buddies
18457 Pines Blvd, 
Pembroke Pines, FL 33029
(954) 441-2441