Road rage spirals out of control in new Russell Crowe thriller ‘Unhinged’

Who hasn’t gotten a little mad in rush hour traffic? Especially now that it’s all back to normal on South Florida highways. But serious road rage is a whole other issue, and in the new psychological thriller “Unhinged,” Russell Crowe shows us it can also get deadly.

Traffic is already aggravating as it is.

Caren Pistorius (as Rachel): “Go!” *honks horn*

But imagine adding a psychopath to the mix, with a real chip on his shoulder!

Russell Crowe (as The Man): “I need you to learn what a bad day really is. and I need you to learn how to say you’re sorry.”

In the new psychological thriller “Unhinged, Russell Crowe plays a road-rager who stalks a mother and her son.

Devyn A. Tyler (as Mrs. Ayers): “Ma’am, are you OK?”

Caren Pistorius (as Rachel): “I think the guy in that truck is following me.”

After an all-too-common confrontation at a red light.

Russell Crowe: “When I read it, my first response, my instinctive was, ‘Absolutely not. I’m not doing this movie.'”

We’d be hesitant, too, if our character description sounded anything like this.

Jimmi Simpson: “The Man swearing in the middle of the diner at his dear friend on the cellphone, and then smashing him in the face with a coffee mug.”

Looks like he’s been driving on I-95, but as Caren Pistorius, who plays Rachel, explains, there’s more to it.

Caren Pistorius: “The Man represents the anger that we hold as a society and how that anger is perhaps not dealt with properly.”

Not to mention what endless highway construction, at the worst possible times, can do to you.

Russell Crowe: “He’s already triggered. and it doesn’t matter that it happens to be Rachel. It doesn’t really matter, in a way, what she says or what she does. He’s already over the line.”

Either way, stay safe on the roadways, because this thrill ride is best kept on the big screen.

Gabriel Bateman: “It’s a very intense climax. There’s a lot of action. a lot of screaming. a lot of crying. Yeah, it’s pretty crazy.”

“Unhinged” comes out — in theaters! — July 31.

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