Rock and roll is here to stay, but rocking out too hard can have consequences.

A new drama tells the story of a rock drummer who loses his hearing.

Get your earplugs ready, Deco’s rocking out with “Sound of Metal.”

Riz Ahmed (as Ruben): “I can’t hear anything.” (muffled)

Riz Ahmed stars as a drummer whose hearing disappears in an instant in “Sound of Metal.”

Tom Kemp (as Dr. Paysinger): “Your hearing is deteriorating rapidly.”

Riz Ahmed (as Ruben): “It will come back. Until then, Lou, we just keep going, OK?”

Olivia Cooke (as Lou): “No.”

The film goes to great lengths to immerse the audience.

Riz Ahmed: “We did actually use some inverted hearing aids that were placed into my ear canals, switched to a white noise setting, and what that meant is I couldn’t– I just wanted to know what it was like to not even be able to hear yourself speak, and it was very disorienting and very humbling and very visceral.”

Riz Ahmed (as Ruben): “I can’t hear you, do you understand me? I can’t. I’m deaf!”

Riz spent hours learning the skills he needed to play the role.

Riz Ahmed: “It was a seven-and-a-half month process, where I moved to New York and would do, you know, several hours every day of learning American Sign Language, and then similarly with the drums, it was every day with my teacher. Learning the drums is about learning to kind of let the drums play you. You know, you can’t think your way to playing that stuff. You kind of have to let it work through you.”

“Sound of Metal” comes to Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 4.

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