Rising ‘Star’: Cast, creator of new FOX show speak out

Onstage high notes and behind-the-scenes drama. That’s what makes a star a “Star.” The show is back tonight, and the stars are giving us a look inside this winter’s biggest new hit.

FOX’s newest musical “Star” is returning with its second episode, Wednesday night. It continues the story of three troubled singers who move to Atlanta in search of success.

Gladys Knight (as herself): “If you believe in yourself is half the battle.”

Benjamin Bratt: “It’s really about these three young women who have a dream, like many of us did, of using their natural, God-given talent, in this case singing, to achieve something, to succeed.”

Benjamin Bratt (as Jahil Rivera): “You’ve got the makings of a supergroup.”

Benjamin Bratt plays the group’s manager. Queen Latifah also stars.

Plus, there are big-time guest stars, like Lenny Kravitz and Naomi Campbell, who reveal a really big secret about the group just as the girls begin to record.

As for the series’ leads, they’re grateful to have this chance.

Ryan Destiny: “It’s such a blessing being on this show, ’cause acting and singing are my love, and to do it in, like, one big thing is the coolest thing ever.”

Lenny Kravitz (as Roland Crane): “Everyone wants to be a star.”

And, like Lee Daniels’ other FOX series “Empire,” expect them to tackle sensitive topics head on.

Lee Daniels “There’s homophobia within the gay community that needs to be explored. It’s happening right now. There is racism within the black community that needs to be explored, that will happen through our story, so I think we are addressing issues that are important and personal through very flawed characters that we will grow to love.”

Queen Latifah: “It’s real, and rather than avoid things, trying to be politically correct, let’s deal with them.”

Benjamin Bratt: “From moment one of the pilot, the show reflects some darker aspects of the social ills that happen in our communities, whether you’re talking about the broken funk in the foster care system, child neglect, sexual abuse, drug addiction.”

“Star” is ready to shine on 7. You can catch all-new episodes, Wednesdays at at 9 p.m.

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