Ring in the New Year with drinks from Toscana Divino

New Year’s Eve is usually synonymous with champagne bottles and bubbly. But it’s sooo cliche’ and sooo 2015. This year, take a page out of one restaurant’s book and dare to drink something different.

When you think of clinking your glasses at midnight to celebrate the new year, the usual beverage of choice across the world is champagne.

Christian Sheen: “Year after year, since I can remember, all celebrations, whether it be here or the Dominican Republic, we’ve always celebrated New Years, 12 a.m. with champagne. I thought it would be nice to give it a special twist.”

Toscana Divino in Mary Brickell Village is shaking things up this New Year’s Eve…

Christian Sheen: “We wanted to make this evening special for ourselves, and the guests.”

…With drinks full of fruity flavors that will have you leaving the bubbly behind the bar.

Christian Sheen: “You have cloves, you have fruits — very refreshing drinks, and after a long night of drinking, you want something that’ll lift the spirit and lighten the mood.”

First up, a shot of the 2016, You’re Fired.

Christian Sheen: “We’re pouring one and a half ounces of Khalua.”

Then throw in some McCormick or any Irish cream.

Christian Sheen: “And some sambuca.”

And here at the restaurant, they give it a little festive flair.

If shots aren’t your thing, the Light Up Martini will have you exploding like an Italian firework.

Christian Sheen: “Two ounces of vodka, an ounce of muddled lychee, half an ounce of simple syrup and some aperol to give it that authentic Italian flavor.”

Other drinks they’re serving up? The Pucker Up Pomegranate Cocktail or the Beautiful Me, which is their version of a sangria made with amaretto and red wine, and it’s a household favorite.

Christian Sheen: “Because of its assortment of fruits, no proseco, or no champagne, so no effervescence, but it does have the white wine, amaretto disaronno, so you get that almondy flavor, very good.”

And proof these beverages will give you that certain buzz as you bid farewell to 2016.

Sorymar: “I think it’s different the creativity is really good, the drink and the presentation.”

Isabella Garcia: “I’m a cocktail girl myself, so I would rather taste that, than champagne.”

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