(WSVN) - Ride a luxury car to a luxurious place — sounds perfect for a night out in the Magic City. But now you can do it for absolutely free, and that’s just plain magical.

Driving to Miami Beach isn’t exactly convenient, unless you have miRide.

JC Carey, miRide: “MiRide is an application that’s been designed to really deliver an experience.”

The app offers a luxurious ride, personal driver included.

JC Carey: “We designed this to give a chauffeur-driven experience that someone’s gonna get in and out of the car. They’ll have an added level of comfort and peace of mind.”

There’s no better time to experience miRide than now.

The company has teamed up with The Forge in Miami Beach to introduce itself to the community.

JC Carey: “It is an introduction for us to allow them to understand that luxury is affordable.”

For now, the affordable service is actually free! If you’re going to The Forge, that is.

JC Carey: “We thought, out of all the places to partner with, The Forge would be a great place because the people that come here and dine are looking for an experience. They’re not looking for a meal.”

No doubt, The Forge offers an unforgettable experience and has become a symbol of Miami luxury. From the food, to the cocktails and wine, to the decor, it’s perfect for the Magic City.

And so is getting there in style — for free.

JC Carey: “Right now, we’re offering this every night with The Forge, and the current program exists where we’re not looking to change that.”

Order your car service at the time you need it, or pre-arrange it for a specific time.

JC Carey: “You’re gonna get picked up in style, you’re gonna dine in style, and you’re gonna leave in style.”

That’s pretty much it.

JC Carey: “There is no catch. We looked at The Forge and we felt like this was the great platform to start with.”

Sebastian Robinson, customer: “It’s so easy. I can drink as much as I like. I don’t have to worry about parking, traffic. It’s so convenient.”

I’ll drink to that.



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