Everyone needs that ride or die person in their life. For me, that’s Shireen. For Ice Cube, it’s Kevin Hart. They’re both in SoFlo for the premiere of "Ride Along 2." Deco’s Chris Van Vliet is live at the party in Miami Beach.

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back to ride again.

Not only are they brothers in law, they’re brothers-in-law. Kevin hart’s character Ben is now a full fledged police officer teaming up with James, played by Ice Cube.

Kevin Hart: "We just started laughing on the first day and reason being because we were right back at it and when we did our first take, it was like playing an instrument you know, you never forget."

They’re hot on the trail of a drug lord… and that trail brings them here to Miami.

Ice Cube: "Miami is just the perfect backdrop for the movie. It’s got the whole feel, the flavor and it just oozes sex and fun and getting into trouble."

Kevin Hart: "Adding Miami to the mix just makes us feel like it’s a much bigger movie."

It’s a bigger movie, with a bigger cast, including Olivia Munn and Ken Jeong.

Ken Jeong: "When you’re in a movie with Kevin and Cube, you are going to laugh hard."

Kevin Hart tells us fans of the first movie better get ready for this one.

Kevin Hart: "Bigger, better, sexier. I mean we went bigger with the action, we went bigger with the comedy, and we added more firing power."

‘Ride Along 2’ is in theaters Jan. 15.

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