Rick Ross talks to Deco about new music, memoir

Rick Ross is a living legend when it comes to rap, but now he’s also an author. The SoFlo star known as “The Boss” is dishing about his new music and new memoir, which is why he went one-on-one with his hometown entertainment show — Deco Drive.

It’s boss time! Rick Ross was in Miami Monday night for a discussion and book signing for his new memoir called “Hurricanes.”

Rick Ross: “We all want those sunny days, but a lot of times, you gotta brace for those hurricanes and not having no electricity.”

The event went down at Miami-Dade College’s Wolfson Campus in partnership with the Miami Book Fair.

The place was packed, and fans were excited!

Crist Thomy, fan: “I grew up listening to Rick Ross. It’s really cool that he wrote a book, so I had to come out just to see him.”

Ross fan: “Man, I’ve been a Ross fan since day one. You know, coming up from Dade County, he’s been an inspiration to everybody.”

And his memoir is adding to that inspiration. He told his fans Monday night that anyone can be an author.

Rick Ross: “We’re creating a lot of different artists. We’re creating a lot of different entrepreneurs, a lot of authors. This is the beginning of something huge, and the beginning of the something big in the city.”

The Boss, who grew up in Carol City, doesn’t hold back in his memoir. He goes into detail about his drug use, seizures and controversies.

That’s not easy stuff to talk about, especially for a public figure, but Rick Ross isn’t just any public figure.

Rick Ross: “Now was the time to tell them what it’s like sitting in the dark with the boss. Something you may never hear before, but you can get right here with this memoir.”

Leslie Gresham, fan: “I really enjoyed it. Actually, to be a memoir, it was almost like a sit on the edge of your seat type book.”

There’s a good reason for that. Rick could definitely see his life story on the big screen one day.

Rick Ross: “You know, Rick Ross, I gotta do it big! We gotta do something that’s never been done in Miami. We gotta tell the story of the streets of Miami.”

Since we know that every day he’s hustling, he’s also treating fans to new music. He recently dropped his 10th studio album, Port of Miami 2.

Rick Ross: “Reading the memoir is only bringing them closer to the actual album itself. It’s a special moment right now.”

And we had to take this opportunity to ask The Boss what it takes to be a boss.

Rick Ross: “It’s not about what you own, what you drive, how much you got. It’s not about that because you can have very little and have a boss state of mind. It’s really about your potential.”

Such a boss answer.

“Hurricanes: A Memoir” is available in bookstores now.

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