Go with the glow. Fluorescent fashions are staging a comeback, and now you can get in on the brightest styles in the Sunshine State.

Fashion designers had a bright idea: clothes in neon colors.

Deco headed to Reveal Boutique in Miami to check out some flashy finds.

Adriana Adrian, Reveal Boutique: “A hot trend for the season is neon.”

These looks are sure to light up a room.

Adriana Adrian: “Neon is anything fluorescent, like highlighter — orange, yellow, pink.”

Wearing these hot hues doesn’t mean you’ll look like a traffic cone.

Adriana Adrian: “There are people who like to wear it head to toe, and if they feel comfortable, it’s OK. However, you can accessorize and maybe just give it a pop of color with your earrings or clutch.”

Stars like Shay Mitchell and Kendall Jenner are bright and bold, and so are their clothes.

Adriana Adrian: “We have seen Kylie Jenner and J-Lo wear those fabulous neon colors.”

And you can wear a fluorescent pink dress, too! This one’s by Hera Collection.

Adriana Adrian: “It’s a twist on the ’80s, so we’re seeing it again. We see it every year a little bit, but this year we are seeing it full-blown.”

Sporty is stylish. Check out this neon yellow biker shorts and top set by Tick Tock.

Adriana Adrian: “The orange joggers are by Very J. You can dress them down with sneakers or dress them up with some pretty strappy sandals or some pumps, and maybe a sporty shirt or a crop top.”

Fluorescent goes from tops to bottoms. These jeans by Timing highlight the trend.

Adriana Adrian: “You can incorporate the neon with the jeans and maybe wear a neutral black color.”

We think these neon looks are a 10!


Reveal Boutique
4724 SW 72nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33155

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