The new Resident Evil movie reboot is taking fans back to where it all began. Good old Raccoon City! Man, I love that town.

“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” reboots the film franchise and returns to the terrifying roots of the video games.

Robbie Amell (Oh, the horror!): “This is a horror movie. The games were horror games, and it’s scary. It takes place in the ’90s. It’s a ’90s horror movie.”

The cast promises the new movie stays faithful to the games.

Robbie Amell: “I think fans of the games are gonna lose their mind. I mean, it is a true adaptation of 1 and 2.”

Avan Jogia (he’s got game): “Just the Easter eggs alone. If you’re a hardcore fan of the series, just like in the background, little typewriter safe points and all the stuff in the game that like, they’re not plot points, but, they’re just, they help build the world.”

They say playing iconic characters from their childhood was a dream come true.

Avan Jogia: “I played endless hours of ‘Resident Evil 4’ as a kid, so I’ve already clocked a bunch of hours as Leon Kennedy before I ever played him in a movie.”

Tom Hopper (see no evil): “It was really great for me to kind of delve back into the whole world after being away from it for, you know, since being a kid, but they were iconic for me.”

Robbie Amell: “One of my earliest, you know, childhood video game memories is playing ‘Resident Evil’ in my basement in the dark and getting the living hell scared out of me when the dogs jump through the window.”

Get your game on Nov. 24 when the film hits theaters.

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