Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day– a time for quiet reflection and calm, peaceful thoughts… maybe on some other planet. Here in South Florida, Saint Patty’s day is a celebration of all things Irish. One Miami Beach bar is elevating the drinking of the green to a whole ‘nother level.

If you’re looking to make your St. Patrick’s Day something special, head to The Regent Cocktail Club on South Beach.

Julio Cabrera, mixologist at Regent Cocktail Club: "A different way to make it because usually it’s with Jameson and beers and Guinness, but we celebrate here with Bombay Sapphire gin and Caliche rum."

Offering up new takes on time-honored drinks for thirsty party people was a no-brainer…

Julio Cabrera: "As a real cocktail club, we are a classic cocktail bar and we define ourselves through classic cocktails."

Each cocktail is different, but they all share the same shade of green… it is March 17th, after all.

Julio Cabrera: "Yes, it is one of the colors that identify that day."

The St. Patrick’s Day specials have all won various bartending competitions, so you know they’re tasty.

Gaze upon the creation of Irish Upon a Bar…

Julio Cabrera: "We put some cucumber in it and some chunks of kiwi."

After adding some fresh dill, the whole thing gets muddled. Then comes the gin, Elderflower liqueur and lime juice. Shake it over ice!

Then it’s poured into a frozen glass– double-strained, so no seeds are floating in it.

Julio Cabrera: "So we garnish with a little piece of dill."

Irish Upon a Bar is part of the gin-based fab four, including Cooler Than a Cucumber, Kiwi Kiss and Tranquility.

For you rum fans, meet the Lucky Leprechan. Start with Caliche rum and melon liqueur…

Julio Cabrera: "We balance that with some Triple sec orange liqueur. And we add some sour with lemon juice, fresh squeezed lemon juice."

A pop of mint bitters and another shake.

Your Lucky Leprechan is ready to be enjoyed.

If you and your honey want a St. Patrick’s Day celebration for two, Regent Cocktail Club is calling your name…

Julio Cabrera: "It’s a perfect place to bring your date because we put the craft on another level."


Regent Cocktail Club
1690 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach 33139
(786) 975-2555

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