Some people love to work out. Waking up at 6 a.m., hitting the gym, posting it on Instagram. You know who you are. But if you’re one of those who count the minutes ’till you’ve completed your work out, there’s a class that might make breaking a sweat much more entertaining.

Forty-five minutes of grueling, intense work out might sound hard, but remember– time flies when you’re having fun.

Albert Ghitis: "Its a workout that doesn’t feel like a workout."

At RedBike Studios in Brickell, they’re redefining spinning class so you can really enjoy it.

Albert Ghitis: "We are an indoor cycling studio, but we’re a concept inner cycling studio. So unlike more traditional spinning, we are rhythm based, choreographed, full-body, and it’s really a party on a bike."

The first component is the music, and sometimes that means a live DJ.

Albert Ghitis: "We bring them in all the time to add to that party atmosphere, environment that when you couple it to all the really cool club lights that we have, you really feel like you’re out on South Beach, not like you’re working out."

The lights add to the experience.

Albert Ghitis: "We realize that people when they wanna workout, a lot of times, they don’t want a spotlight on them so everyone can watch them, but in addition to just being dark, we have these cool club lights, so we have all these different lights that go to the rhythm of the music."

And now that you feel like you’re clubbing, why not show off your moves?

Albert Ghitis: "The basis for everything is the fact that we actually ride to the beat to the music. So we actually coordinate aligning the lower half of your body, your legs, with upper body movements. So we’ll do dips, obliques, we’ll do all kinds of things that engage your core and your upper body while its coordinated with how you’re pedaling."

Everything is done to make you want to come here and work out.

Albert Ghitis: "Complimentary shoes, complimentary towels, hair ties, earplugs, water, towels, showering products."

Not to mention the really energetic instructors.

Kyle Post: "The instructors are so much fun. They’re encouraging, it’s exciting, they just make it happen for you."

So maybe that new year resolution isn’t looking so bad after all…

Albert Ghitis: "You’re having a great time, and by the way you’re also burning up to a 1,000 calories."

RedBike Studios
1399 SW 1st Avenue
Miami, FL 33130
(954) 559-1982

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