So, anyone who watches 7News knows our sports director, Steve Shapiro, and I are always cutting it up. He calls me an old lady. I call him an old man (because HE IS!) He insults me, I insult him and round and round we go usually towards the end of the newscast when he does his sportscast. Sometimes people ask me if we actually get along. The answer is YES. I compare him to an older, annoying, irritating big brother who makes you crazy but always has your back. Recently, Steve had a birthday (he looks good for 85, right?) and I tore him away from the sports department long enough to hit up a hot, new restaurant. You know try to make him feel young again! We headed to Red Ginger, the hip new spot in Miami Beach’s SoFi neighborhood (South of Fifth). The space is sleek and cool. The food unpretentious and damn good.

The menu is Asian influenced so I start with the Thai Coconut Soup ($10). The consistency is perfect, not too creamy, just the way I like it and I looooved it. Steve (Mr. Cranky) says he doesn’t want any but when I start to rant and rave about how good it is he decides to taste it and agrees. Next up, salmon tacos ($12) but these are wrapped in rice paper and clipped at the top with the tiniest clothespin to keep everything inside nice and tight. Steve wanted to know if the little clothespin was edible (you can’t take him anywhere!!!) The R.G. Fried Rice ($14) comes with a soft boiled egg on top the server mixes up at the table. Pair that rice with the Short Rib ($14) bite sized, melt in your mouth cubes made on the robata and you’re in dinner heaven. Every item we tasted was just deeee-lish. Steve, you’re welcome and happy birthday. Red Ginger, I’ll see you again minus the old man!

Belkys Best Bite: Thai Coconut Soup

Red Ginger
736 First St.
Miami Beach, FL

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