The air show is taking over the skies above Fort Lauderdale Beach this weekend, but based on what I heard today from two of the most extreme of world champion record breakers, nerves will also be taking over our bodies, because these guys are total lunatics — I mean, skilled and accomplished athletes.

If the sky’s the limit…

Kirby Chambliss: “In order for me to be able to stay oriented while this airplane is flipping end over end, and especially at low altitude, I need to know exactly where that airplane is.”

Jeff “Jeffro” Provenzano…

Jeffro Provenzano: “21,000 sky dives, world records, national and world titles.”

And Kirby Chambliss…

Kirby Chambliss: “Two time world champion, a five-time national aerobatic champion.”

Live on the edge of glory.

Jeffro Provenzano: “And probably a whole lot more that I’m forgetting right now.”

Only the best for the Red Bull Air Force team performing at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show this Saturday and Sunday!

Jeffro Provenzano: “We do incorporate the aerobatic airplane, aerobatic helicopter and the skydivers, and we all integrate.”

These are some of the most extreme aerial performers in the world, putting on a perfectly synchronized show that’ll blow Fort Lauderdale Beach out of the water.

Jeffro Provenzano: “If I’m doing my wingsuit jump one day, maybe fly my high-performance parachute the other day.”

Yeah, by wingsuit, Jeff means this!

Jeffro Provenzano: “It’s amazing to think that’s just a human cruising across the sky like that.”

After all, Red Bull does give you wings, right? Ohhh, my stomach just dropped.

Jeffro Provenzano: “All it is is fabric.”

Fabric and some serious guts!

Jeffro Provenzano: “I’m probably just like anybody else, scared of doing what I’m doing. I’ve just gotten really used to it!”

Kirby, who flies an Edge 540, has one goal this weekend…

Kirby Chambliss: “Be able to leave that air show have have people say, ‘God, I’ve never seen a plane do that before!'”

And, really, ever…

Kirby Chambliss: “That’s my job, and I always do my job.”

And that’s the kind of confidence you want up there.

Jeffro Provenzano: “There’s never a dull moment.”

Kirby Chambliss: “It’s going to be great. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though.”

Tickets for the drop zone start at $35 for adults, $24 for kids.

Kirby Chambliss: “The sky, I mean, that’s my canvas. The airplane, that’s my paintbrush, and I’m going to go out there and try to paint that perfect picture.”


Fort Lauderdale Air Show

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