Real-life clowns criticize “It” movie

The much-anticipated horror remake “It” hits theaters next week, and some people already know how they feel about the movie.

The World Clown Association is turning up their bright red noses at “It” for giving clowns a bad wrap.

They say it all started with the “It” TV mini-series in 1990, and now it’s back to haunt them again.

Jaeden Lieberher (as Bill Denbrough): “I’m not supposed to take stuff from strangers.”

Bill Skarsgård (as Pennywise): “Oh, well, I’m Pennywise the Dancing Clown! Now we aren’t strangers.”

The kids in the upcoming movie “It” aren’t the only ones wary of Pennywise.

The World Clown Association — yeah, it’s a real thing — is taking a stand against this bad clown behavior.

The WCA is reminding its members that, “We bring a happy, joyful, creative, caring, positive and fun experience to our audiences” and that “the character in the movie ‘It’ should be understood to be a fantasy character, not a true clown.”

Huh, a character in a movie isn’t real? Ya don’t say!

We don’t have to wait to hear the cast’s response to the backlash.

Deco saw this coming and already asked them about it. Yeah, we’re good like that.

Chosen Jacobs: “We’re probably gonna have a letter from the clown union.”

Finn Wolfhard: “We love you, clown union!”

It’s actually the World Clown Association, fellas; but please, continue…

Finn Wolfhard: “Listen, clowns. Don’t take it personally. It’s just business. It’s just business. We’re sorry. We respect all of you. This movie — it’s just so good, we can’t not release it.”

“It” creeps into theaters Sept. 8.

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