Raw Bar 2 Go

A person can work up a mighty hunger hanging out on the water all day. You could lug your own lunch, or maybe make it over to a food truck. But wouldn’t it be great if someone had a food boat to bring healthy, fresh dishes to you? Good news! Someone does.

Raw Bar 2 Go delivers ceviche and more to hungry water worshippers … by boat. Owner Keyla Castillo believes it’s a service whose time has come.

Keyla Castillo, Raw Bar 2 Go: “It’s a good idea. It’s a very nice idea because the people on the water, it’s another world. It’s like you have a world on the land and another world on the water.”

Her food boat plan sprung from a very personal situation.

Keyla Castillo: “Well, one day I was hungry on the water, and I was thinking, ‘Why is there nothing great to eat at the water? Like delicious, like fresh.'”

Once Keyla decided on the food boat idea, she knew exactly what dish she’d be offering.

Keyla Castillo: “My ceviche is the specialty for my catering company.”

There’s lots of work to do before lunch is served. Everything is put together in the Raw Bar 2 Go kitchen.

Keyla Castillo: “The plain ceviche, we call, is sea bass fish. In the mixed ceviche is the same fish plus seafood. The food is coming, it’s octopus, squid, shrimp.”

The shrimp cocktail — with pink sauce — is inspired by her Venezuelan roots.

Keyla’s partial to the spicy seafood cocktail, called “Back to Life.” It’ll wake you right up.

Keyla Castillo: “When the people is drinking on the water, you know, and need to get back to life soon, just get back to life.”

Raw Bar 2 Go has two food boats that only go out on weekends. The Haulover Sandbar is one stop.

Keyla Castillo: “We’re going to Nixon Sandbar on Key Biscayne. We’re also going to Monument Island on Miami Beach.”

Now you know where to find Raw Bar 2 Go. Keyla guarantees you won’t be let down.

Keyla Castillo: “Wonderful. That’s it. It’s the best ceviche in town.”

Raw Bar 2 Go
7342 N.W. 35th St.
Miami, FL
(954) 612-6147
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RawBar2Go/

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