Life this year feels like some kind of an apocalyptic movie. Well, close enough, because it’s practically a TV show now on Amazon called “Utopia.”

The new thriller wrapped production only a few months before the coronavirus pandemic took over, but at times, it’ll feel like you’re watching cable news live.

You won’t believe this was shot in 2019, not 2020.

Trailer: “The Stern’s flu has now been declared a global pandemic … This is our undoing.”

The new Amazon series “Utopia,” starring Rain Wilson and John Cusack, is a thriller for the pandemic age, with people hunting down a one-of-a-kind graphic novel whose prequel, “Dystopia,” seems to have predicted the Ebola, MERS and Zika viruses.

Rainn Wilson: “We made a show about a global pandemic, with an obscure virus that had transferred over from an animal. There’s a vaccine being rushed to market, there’s billionaires behind it, there’s conspiracy theories.”

When you’re watching it, trust me, it’s eerie how relevant the show is to the world today.

John Cusack: “To see some of the things come true in… Not come true, but to be mirrored in reality was very surreal, to say the least.”

John plays Dr. Christie, the CEO of a pharmaceutical company whose purpose in life is to change the world through science. His intentions: TBD.

Alex Miranda: “What would you say that your purpose, the way you see it, in life is, if that’s not too much of me to ask?”

John Cusack: “Usually your purpose has to do with hopefully using your talents or gifts for the greater good. I don’t know if acting always applies. Maybe it doesn’t sometimes.”

Utopia is an adaptation of a British series, just like ‘The Office,’ and Rainn, who plays the foremost expert on the Stern’s flu, thinks a crossover isn’t that hard to imagine.

Alex Miranda: “How do you think Dwight from ‘The Office’ would fare in ‘Utopia?'”

Rainn Wilson: “He would join in with the young folk who have the graphic novel, who have the clues and keys to the salvation of humanity, and he would go all in.”

Oh, and as far as those ‘Office’ reboot rumors…

Rainn Wilson: “So we start in May. Steve Carrell, John Krasinksi, me, Jenna, and The Office reunion is happening. No, it’s not happening. I don’t know anything.”

“Utopia” hits Amazon on Friday.

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