What’s old is always new again.

This summer, it’s all about tie-dye. But it’s not just about fashion.

Deco’s checking out some fun ways to put a twist on this old school classic.

Tie-dye is hot, hot, hot for summer in South Florida.

But sexy swimwear and cute clothes aren’t the only way to mix it up.

Wanna totally nail this trend?

Get groovy with some fun nail art.

Teresita Hernandez: “Summer is always about color, and this year it’s definitely been a huge focus on tie-dye nails.”

Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid can’t get enough of tie-dye nails.

Oh My Gel in Miami showed Deco a quick way to color it up.

Teresita Hernandez: “I start with first placing a dot in the middle, and I kind of spread it out, and then, once you have that dot, start getting each color and make a ring around the dot.”

This far out look has pops of pink, yellow, green and more, and for a little extra oomph, add some studs and glitter.

Alejandra Hernandez: “I love the vibrant colors. It’s just really perfect for the summer. All the celebrities are doing it, so I wanted to do it as well.”

Ready for something that’s almost too pretty to eat?

Birdie Bakery is whipping up something sweet with a colorful twist.

Michi Adams: “Birdie Bakery is all colorful treats, everything tie-dye. So I take classic desserts like chocolate chip cookies and rum cake and just give it like a current twist.”

Michi Adams started her online bakery business during quarantine, and her colorful creations, like this cookie cake, quickly caught people’s eyes.

Michi Adams: “I separate the dough into four parts, and start coloring those with high speed. I roll each out individually then compile them all up, and then basically turn it and turn it until I start seeing a design that I like.”

Once it’s baked, Michi makes multi-colored frosting and pipes that on top.

Not enough rainbow for you? Check out this rum cake!

Michi Adams: “There’s like about half a cup of rum inside the actual batter.”

Birdie Bakery takes orders on Instagram and pickup is contactless, so it’s perfect for social distancing.

Now all that’s left to do is take a bite.

Jack Keller: “I had the chocolate chip cookies. They were soft, they were chewy. They were absolutely delicious. The dye, you can’t taste anything at all. It’s unbelievable.”

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