Rabbit power banks let you recharge cellphone batteries when you’re out and about

It can be one of the most terrifying experiences in these modern times. Not falling into shark-infested waters, not being chased by a known serial killer. We’re talking about having less than 5 percent battery left on your phone … but thanks to a new service called Rabbit, you can keep the power on, wherever you go.

We’ve all been there. You’re out and about, and your phone is about to die — but thanks to Rabbit, the days of scrounging around for a charger are gone.

Liz Herrick, La V Brickell: “Rabbit is a power bank, so if you run out of battery, as we all tend to do, it’s literally a lifesaver.”

Rabbit is teamed up with La V in Brickell to keep customers charged up. The batteries — they call them carrots — work with any phone.

Liz Herrick: “You scan the QR barcode on there, and the Rabbit comes out. You don’t need an extra cord or anything; it’s actually on there, so you don’t have to have an extension cord or have an extra USB.”

Best of all, when you’re charging, your phone stays with you, not behind the bar.

Liz Herrick: “You only have so many outlets, but the customers really want their phones next to them, so you’d have that access, to – oh, you have a phone call, but it’s really convenient for a lot of nightclubs and restaurants.”

The cost? Ninety-nine cents per hour, and the stations are multiplying, like rabbits.

Cellphone user: “It’s very convenient, actually. I mean, usually, when you’re texting a lot, your phone dies pretty fast out here, so being that you have that here, it’s really cheap, and it’s quick, it charges fast.”

You can find Rabbit on the App Store or Google Play.

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