Queen Latifah is a queen in music-drama TV show ‘Star’

Queen Latifah is a rap legend, an Oscar nominee, and now a TV “Star,” and she’s loving life. The queen talked with Deco about her new show — and what’s it’s like being a TV star the second time around.

The new FOX TV show “Star,” about three young singers trying to make it big in Atlanta, is quickly becoming a fan favorite.

A lot of it has to do with the amazing cast, which includes the uber-talented Queen Latifah. She’s a singer, rapper, song-writer and actress, who has won a Grammy, Emmy, Golden Globe and has even been nominated for an Oscar.

Now, the celebrated star is back on TV. She plays Carlotta Brown on “Star.” A motherly figure, who helps the singing trio follow their dreams.

Queen Latifah: “I think everyone who is watching it is going to connect to the things they can relate to in their own minds and their own families. Ultimately, there is still the music and it’s so entertaining.”

Queen’s last major TV gig was back in the 90’s, when she starred on “Living Single.”

Queen Latifah: “Working on ‘Living Single’ and working on this one is kind of completely different, because a sitcom is a much easier job than a single cam drama. This is like making a full-on movie every week.”

The best part about a grueling schedule? Queen says, it allows the cast to bond while trying to make a great piece of art.

Queen Latifah: “That’s when you start to become a family, and that’s when you start to see the chemistry become better and better.”

While Queen grinds in LA, she loves visiting Miami. We suggested she move to Star Island. Seems only appropriate given the title of her new show.

Queen Latifah: “I know! You know I wanna live there. I don’t know if I could afford it, but maybe I could crash at Gloria’s house. Go hang out with Gloria, Emilio and the kids. Or maybe I’ll roll up on Puff’s side of the island. I’ll sleep at Gloria’s and party at Puffy’s.”

Sounds good, as long as we get an invite.

Queen Latifah: “Give my love to Miami! I’ll be back. Thanks for New Year’s, it was fun!”

Catch Queen and company in a new episode of “Star” tonight at 9 p.m., right here on 7.

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