The band Queen once said, ‘We will rock you,’ and they were right. They’ve been rocking now for the better part of five decades. Guitarist Brian May has assembled a book of personal photos. Fans have never seen their favorite foursome like this before.

Brian May: “Welcome to Queen in 3-D. Are you ready?”

Brian May’s new book, “Queen in 3-D,” documents the band’s history, from their early days to worldwide fame and the current line-up with Adam Lambert.

May is more than satisfied with how the book came out. The legendary guitarist took a journey through the past and found a lifetime of great memories.

Brian May: “It’s really like going back in time, you know, 3-D is like a time machine. It’s so evocative. There were moments where I felt this was actually going to be quite hard, but there is so much joy in what we do. I have so much pride in what we carved out as a band together.”

The publication is packed with 300 3-D photos May has kept in his private collection.

Brian May: “I’ve been snapping away in 3-D with various 3-D cameras all the way through history, but you kind of put ’em away in a drawer, and you don’t think about it.”

The photos have taken on a deeper meaning for Brian now that the years have past.

Brian May: “I don’t think I was aware these would have any significance in the future. It’s only now that I realize those moments were precious and how precious they were.

“Queen in 3-D” offers both the casual and lifelong fan an insider’s look at the world of Rock n’ Roll.

Brian May: “You dedicate yourself to this way of life, and you have an unusual perspective in the world. I think that comes across in the book. That’s what I’d like people to share, the fact that we got such an unusual view. You see us on stage doing our thing, but then you see us behind stage. You see the dressing room, you see the cars and the ships and the planes that we drove in.”

If you’re a Queen head who can never get enough of the band, you’re in luck. Their story will be hitting the big screen in the biopic, “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Brian May: “Well number one, you’ll be entertained. Freddy was about entertainment, and I know one of things that Freddy said — one of the last things he said — was ‘Never make me look boring,’ and it will be entraining in the style to which we aspire.”

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