When you’re getting dessert, go big or go home. Ice cream in a regular cup or cone is so 20th Century. A couple shops in SoFlo are elevating what they serve their ice cream in.

Hong Kong street food is now a sweet treat on Hollywood Beach thanks to Puffles.

Caleb Deng, Puffles: “At Puffles, we serve Hong Kong-style egg waffles. The hot dog stands in New York City are pretty much the same thing as egg waffle stands in Hong Kong.”

They’re kind of like big fortune cookies.

Caleb Deng: “The waffles are very crispy on the outside and very fluffy in the middle.”

Everything here is made to order.

Caleb Deng: “We have the original waffle or the chocolate waffle. As soon as that’s finished cooking, we take it out and cool it for a couple of seconds.”

Once the waffle gets folded, then it’s time for ice cream and toppings.

Pick your own flavors, or go with a Puffles creation, like the Death By Chocolate.

Caleb Deng: “We decided to put a chocolate scoop of ice cream with it, chocolate syrup, some Oreos, M&M’s and chocolate Pocky.”

Kim Kennedy, customer: “It’s amazing! If you like chocolate, you will like this one. It’s delicious.”

The Pocket Full of Sunshine is also a thing of beauty.

It’s an original waffle with strawberry ice cream, M&M’s and Fruity Pebbles.

Angela Quiroga, customer: “It’s basically amazing. It’s delicious. The waffle is crunchy and it’s not soggy, which is perfect.”

Midtown Creamery in Wynwood wants to bowl you over with its latest creation. They promise it will send you back in time.

Andrew Rodriguez, owner: “When someone’s in here having a cereal bowl for the first time, we want them to relive their childhood, and maybe even have it be a little bit better.”

After warming up a big bowl of marshmallows, they mix in cereal and mold that into a bowl shape.

Once it cools off in the fridge…

Andrew Rodriguez: “You can choose your flavors of ice cream, then you do unlimited toppings. We’re just gonna pile them on. If we can fit it, it’s yours.”

There are six different cereal flavors, like Fruity Pebbles and Cocoa Pebbles.

Seth Roodman, customer: “I’ve never had anything like this before. It’s a combination of sophisticated taste with a playful energy of that childhood cereal.”


349 Johnson St.
Hollywood, FL 33019

Midtown Creamery
2690 NE 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33137

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