Michael Keaton just made an enemy out of Maggie Q. He killed her mentor, Samuel L. Jackson. Big mistake. She’s an assassin out for revenge in the new thriller “The Protégé.” Deco’s protégé’, Alex Miranda, sat down with Maggie in Miami Beach Thursday afternoon.

Samuel L. Jackson (as Moody): “I’ve sent away so many prematurely, either by my hand or through you.”

Maggie Q (as Anna): “You never sent anyone away who didn’t have it coming.”

Alex Miranda: “Tell me about your character.”

Maggie Q: “It was really one of the best scripts I’ve read in this genre, probably the best script I’ve read in this genre, to be honest. I felt like she really had a real journey. She had a real arc, she had real relationships in the film.”

Maggie Q (as Anna): “Someone killed a friend of mine because of a contract he completed years ago.

Ray Fearon (as Duquet): “On, yeah?”

Alex Miranda: “How far have you gone to defend a friend or a family member?”

Maggie Q: “I mean, lately, but no, I’m very like, especially my sisters, you know? If anybody messes with my sisters, like, oof, that’s a really big no-no.”

Maggie Q (as Anna): “I just want to end their life, and anyone standing in my way.”

Alex Miranda: “Between Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Keaton, who wins in a fistfight?”

Maggie Q: “I don’t know if you’ve ever met Sam. He’s a very, very big dude, so I don’t know, but then again, I’ve fought people who are very big, and I’m faster.”

Alex Miranda: “So, between the three of you, then, who wins?”

Maggie Q: “Well…”

Alex Miranda: “Thanks, Samuel L. Jackson. I’d say Maggie Q.”

Michael Keaton (as Rembrandt): “I’d really like to see you again, under different crcumstances.”

Maggie Q (as Anna): “These are the best circumstances you’ll ever see me in.”

“The Protégé” drop kicks its way into theaters on Friday.

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