Propel Water campaign offers free classes at Vixen Workout

You may not know that Shireen is an original member of the Vixen army. She loves getting her sweat on while busting out the sexiness. And now you at home can try it for free — thanks to Propel Water’s new fitness campaign.

Propel Water is calling people across the country to get ugly.

Janet Jones, instructor: “You know that moment when you’re in a workout and you’re just all in and you’re completely disconnected from everything that’s happening outside of that room? That’s what ‘Let’s Get Ugly’ is.”

Propel’s fitness campaign offers free classes from coast to coast — and kicks off in the 305 this month.

Janet Jones: “They’re putting together the industry’s hottest influencers with the hottest studios and giving a free event to the community.”

The concept gives people a chance to experience different workouts for free.

Janet Jones: “It gives people, who would not normally have access to those type of workouts, the opportunity to experience it.”

And getting ugly never looked sexier thanks to this. It’s called Vixen Workout.

Janet Jones: “We provide our clients a visceral experience of what it feels like to be on stage.”

And it’s one of the workout routines featured in the “Let’s Get Ugly” campaign.

Janet Jones: “To be able to have a product that I believe in come on board here, and I can provide it to the clients, is just awesome.”

Sexy. Fun. Steamy.

This workout, held at Vixen’s Wynwood location, is all about channeling the inner vixen in you — a la Rihanna or J. Lo.

Janet Jones: “It’s moves that you see on stage, but it’s phrased in a way so that anyone can pick it up, so everyone feels like they are a professional dancer. I want to make sure that every woman that walks into that room feels like they are seen and that they are a star.”

All you have to is sign up. Registration opens Tuesday morning.


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