You know how prisoners on death row get a final meal? Have you ever thought about what your meal would be if you were on death row? Not that you’d ever do anything to be on death row but, you know…

For me pizza would have to be on my “death row menu.” It’s so simple yet it can be so damn delicious. If I could eat pizza every day without clogging my arteries and maximizing my muffin top I would.

That’s what led me to Proof Pizza and Pasta in Wynwood. I’d driven by the building hundreds of times since it opened last October and I finally went in and it rocked. The menu features 5 very unique pizzas and pastas to choose from along with a few appetizers so you’re not overwhelmed but choosing just one is the hard part so we tried a few. We started with the miami mango appetizer ($11) with ricotta, basil, arugula and sea salt. The mango super sweet the ricotta the ying to the mango’s yang. Such a great combination of flavors. The shaved Brussels sprouts ($12) with gorgonzola, pecans, dried cranberries and apple cider vinaigrette was so good I told my nephew (my sometimes food blogging date) to stop eating so I could take some home for lunch the next day. For pizza we went with the classic margherita ($12) and the Proof favorite: oxtail ($14). It’s like a pizza topped with shredded beef, garlic, thyme and caramelized onions. They make their crust nice and thin. Just the way I like it. On the pasta side the angel hair ($17) with crab was topped with lemon breadcrumbs giving it a nice crunch. The braised lamb garganelli ($14) had hints of mint, tossed with garbanzos and some sweet apricots. That’s when my nephew told me to stop eating so he could take the rest home for lunch. The proof is in the doggie bag!

P.S. make sure to get the giant macaroon for dessert – to die!!!!

Belkys Best Bite: Oxtail pizza

Proof Pizza and Pasta
3328 N Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33127
(786) 536-9562

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