Primal Fit 360’s new workout channels your inner animal

The newest workout taking over South Florida will do more than make you sweat like animal. It’ll have you acting like one, too. In fact, you’ll be in full-on beast mode.

The latest workout trend will bring out the animal in you.

Matt Pack, Primal Fit 360 Personal Training: “Animal Flow is a combination of ground-based movement patterns. It’s an integration of a lot of different disciplines like capoeira, which is a Brazilian dance, break dancing, gymnastics.”

“Animal Flow” is taking the fitness world by storm, one animalistic pose at a time.

Matt Pack: “There’s stationary movements, there’s side kick throughs. It’s about incorporating the whole body in movement.”

Primal Fit 360 in Miami Shores broke down the three main moves.

Here are the ABCs of Animal Flow: the Ape, the Beast and the Crab.

Matt Pack: “The Ape would be almost like a deep squat position. The Beast is on all fours — we call it a quadruped position — and it’s almost like a bear crawl. In the Crab, you’re walking backward or you’re walking forward.”

Getting “crabby” never sounded so good. Once you speed up the moves and choreograph them, you get “Animal Flow.”

If you can bear it, going beast mode will do wonders for your body.

Matt Pack: “The benefits are many, but more than anything it’s shoulder stability, core, cardio.”

It also makes you smarter.

Matt Pack: “You’re creating this communication between the ground and the arms, and it goes through your shoulders to your hips. It’s working the nervous system, too, so it’s great for the brain.”

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars are fans.

Matt Pack: “Cameron Diaz and Mark Wahlberg have used Animal Flow. Anybody can do it — a bulky guy like Mark Wahlberg, or a skinny, lean girl like Cameron Diaz.”

And it can be done anywhere you are.

Matt Pack: “This is another tool that you can do anywhere with this incredible vessel. It’s one of those things that’s fun and gets a lot of work done in a short amount of time, and you need no equipment whatsoever.”


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